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Posted by admin On November - 12 - 2009


They were there, all the horrible shape shifting figures floating around the room. One reached for me and I cringed. He or it was faceless, formless, wanting only to engulf me, to make me shapeless and shifty, too.

I turned and ran into a wall. It opened. Iwas outside in the cold air. I looked back; the shifty creatures were looking at me. They did not attempt to follow. I waited, still they made no move. I sighed and wondered how I had gotten there and how to get home.

A crackle drew my eyes to the left. Something was crawling on the ground, snakelike, only it was not a snake; it was a woman with luminous green eyes. The high beams were aimed at me. She opened her mouth and a frightening grunt escaped. Her hands were flat, like a paddle, the kind on a duckbill platypus. She beckoned. As if in a trance I moved forward, floating, instead of walking.

Before I could reach her a dark shape swooped down and ferried her into the sky. Then it released her. She fell with a sharp thud at my feet and remained motionless. I reached for her, wondering if she was dead or just pretending in order to lure me closer. She was cold, hard and gritty. I rolled her over and my heart plummeted. I was looking at myself. I was the snake lady.

Suddenly, her beady eyes flew open. I screamed. Fear jolted me awake. I flicked on the light and my eyes darted around the room, probing every corner. Nothing. For a long time I stood still wondering when the dream would stop tormenting me and what it meant. I’ve had it every night for the past six months.

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Hi. My name is Susan Gosine-Herrera. I live in Queens, New York. This news blog is my way of highlighting all the interesting things, people and events I come across in this part of New York. If you have an interesting immigrant story or know of one or of an interesting immigrant, I will be happy to feature that story in these pages. Just send an email and I will be in touch. Meanwhile, live like a tourist, enjoy all you can, before you move on.

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