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Posted by admin On October - 17 - 2009

Many immigrants have been living and are still living in the shadows of mainstream American society. These are the undocumented immigrants, those without legal papers, and legal rights, according to Immigration authority and the American Government to live and work in New York.

Queens is a portal for immigrants from many countries around the world. And at one time or another many have found themselves living on the edge, testing their faith and living vicariously. Such experiences are not pleasing, especially for academically qualified individuals who have been forced to live and work discreetly, most taking jobs beneath their academic qualifications.

If you have been forced into such a situation, you’re not alone. Millions like you are living in the shadows, waiting for their status to be rectified, to crawl out of the dark and walk freely among residents and citizens without fear. Your story is important. It must be told. You must tell it.

Whether by name or anonymously, you are invited to share your story about your life as an undocumented immigrant. And those who were once undocumented but whose status has now been adjusted, you too, are invited to share your story. You might be the one to inspire those who have lost hope. Give them the inspiration they need by sharing your own experience and your accomplishment against the odds.

Remember, you’re not alone. And it only takes one strong voice to make others listen and to make a difference. Perhaps, yours is that voice, or the fingers that will tell your story.

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Hi. My name is Susan Gosine-Herrera. I live in Queens, New York. This news blog is my way of highlighting all the interesting things, people and events I come across in this part of New York. If you have an interesting immigrant story or know of one or of an interesting immigrant, I will be happy to feature that story in these pages. Just send an email and I will be in touch. Meanwhile, live like a tourist, enjoy all you can, before you move on.

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